Hand and Foot Treatments

Refresh pedicure 

Full pedicure with foot bath, polish removal, removal of dead skin, callus and cuticle build up, nail shape, massage with exfoliating scrub and oil, hot towel and polish.

Express pedicure 

Quick soak, file, light cuticle work, foot rasp and polish.

Refresh manicure 

Hand bath, removal of cuticle build up, nail shape, scrub, massage and polish.

With French polish 

A white tip applied on the nail, finished with a neutral pink polish and a high-gloss top coat.

Express file and polish 

A tidy ip of the nails and polish of your choice

Mens healthy feet pedicure 

Give tired feet the attention they deserve while deoderising and smoothing dry skin and removing calluses.

Mens healthy hands manicure 

Soften rough hands and tidy and clean nails and cuticles. Great for the tradie or blue collar man.

Shellac/artistic colour gloss application 

Zero dry time, chip resistant, mirror finish with a 14 day wear time. Available in French and a wide variety of colours.

  • Glitter add on $10.00
  • IBX nail treatment add on $15.00

IBX nail treatment 

This innovative two-part system offers revolutionary benefits by creating a protective shield for the nail and repairing severe nail damage. Treatment can be done on its own or used under gel polish.

Shellac removal 

Shellac removal and nail tidy 


Refresh pedicure $65.00 Request Treatment
Express pedicure $45.00 Request Treatment
Refresh manicure $45.00 Request Treatment
With French polish $50.00 Request Treatment
Express file and polish $35.00 Request Treatment
Mens healthy feet pedicure $45.00 Request Treatment
Mens healthy hands manicure $30.00 Request Treatment
Shellac/artistic colour gloss application $40.00 Request Treatment
IBX nail treatment $25.00 Request Treatment
Shellac removal $10.00 Request Treatment
Shellac removal and nail tidy $20.00 Request Treatment