At Revival Room we use only high quality products that we have discovered after testing many over a long number of years. You can read more about these products below, and in some cases even buy them via our convenient ‘Shop’ buttons below. We recommend you contact us to arrange a full skin analysis before purchasing any products to ensure they are the best option for your needs.


Natural ingredients. Professional results

We have been using Pevonia products for over 10 years in our salon, as they are high-performance treatments which address every unique skin concern with unparalleled success.  Our clients often comment on how soothing the products feel and how good they smell. Although there is no pressure to buy, many clients love Pevonia so much they purchase products to take home. Pevonia’s most powerful ingredients come from the safest source: nature. For nearly three decades, Pevonia has been the skincare brand of choice for the finest spas and professional skin therapists worldwide. By uniting the latest in advanced manufacturing and delivery systems, Pevonia delivers superior results and radiant skin to every skin type.

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Some traditional makeup products can lead to skin problems such as acne, allergies, dryness and clogged pores. ELES ™ Mineral Makeup is based on a hypoallergenic loose powder which naturally nourishes the skin. Let your skin breathe with ELES sophisticated mineral makeup line specially formulated to enhance the results obtained from professional skincare. Micronised minerals protect and correct the skin without irritation and added natural ingredients such as vitamins A, C and E, aloe and chamomile enrich the skin, provide a chemical-free sunblock and shield against age aggressors ELES ™ is the perfect choice following cosmetic surgery, chemical peels, laser treatments, waxing, or for individuals who suffer from acne, rosacea, hyper-pigmentation and other skin conditions.



Medicalia is a chirally correct, cosmeceutical skin care line created by Dr Sylvie Hennessy, world renowned dermatologist and biochemist, to address an extensive range of skin conditions requiring targeted “intensive care”. From acute acne and hyperpigmentation to rejuvenating formulas for prematurely aged skin, from chronic rosacea to pre and post-operative skin care, Medicalia skin care provides easy to use skin care systems that provide dramatic visible results. Created using the finest ingredients and the most advanced manufacturing processes, Medicalia’s innovative skin care delivery systems are what set the line apart from other cosmeceutical lines. With revolutionary skin treatments and a concise, easy-to-use home care system, Medicalia is the preferred choice by leading skin professionals.

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Eyenvy Eyelash Serum and Mascara

Established in 2009, EyEnvy ® was created with the vision to get clients and customers feeling as good as they look. Working in the beauty industry for over 20 years, the founders of EyEnvy ® recognised the issues men and women were having with the growth of their eyebrows and eyelashes due to various reasons including illness.

With great empathy and concern, we wanted to create a product that would enhance the natural eyebrows and hairs so that everyone may see their true beauty.

Artistic Colour Gloss Gel Polish & Nail Polishes

Fun. Edgy. Exclusive.

“An Innovation In Colour”. Artistic Nail Design was created by world renowned nail artists and nail product developers with the desire to fill the void in the professional nail market for a gel polish brand designed specifically for the true Artist at heart. We pride ourselves on consistently developing innovative products that encourage Nail Artists to push the boundaries and explore new levels of creativity through their personal artistry.

The core of the brand is our exceptional colour range. Each of our shades is individually conceptualized through inspiration and has their own unique story. We produce six gel polish colour collections annually to continuously provide the Nail Artist with a contemporary palette of shades.

Shellac CND

Give yourself the freedom to wear your favourite colour for 14 plus days with no nail damage upon removal. For nails that are as strong as you are.